Agarikon.1 Medicinal Mushrooms for Cancer Patients

Agarikon.1, Professional Medicinal Mushroom Extract

A bottle of Agarikon.1, extract blend of medicinal mushrooms for cancer patients (90 tablets cost 60 US Dollars)
Agarikon.1, medicinal mushrooms for cancer patients (90 tablets – $59.99)

Agarikon.1 is a potent medicinal mushroom extract blend scientifically formulated for patients with cancer and other critical conditions.

Agarikon.1 contains extracts from edible and medicinal mushrooms Ganoderma lucidum (reishi), Lentinus edodes (shiitake), Grifola frondosa (maitake), Agaricus blazei Murill (=brasiliensis =subrufescens), Trametes versicolor (turkey tail) and Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom). The addition of immunity-boosting vitamin C enhances the absorption of the mushroom extracts in Agarikon.1. With proven effectiveness, Agarikon.1 is the most studied medicinal mushrooms preparation in the world.

It has been scientifically proven that certain medicinal mushrooms can help

  • in cancer – carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia and lymphoma,
  • reduce the risk of developing malignant diseases,
  • with weakened immunity,

and they are useful and recommended for anyone who is not allergic to mushrooms.

These medicinal mushrooms contain medicinal substances (esp. beta-glucans) that act as biomodulators, i.e. biological response modifiers. Thousands of scientific papers published around the world have shown that these substances strengthen or restore the body’s defenses (immunity).

Get More for Your Money

The ratio of price to the amount of active ingredients is several times better than for other mushroom products (750 mg of high-quality soluble polysaccharides per tablet; 4 USD/day for most critical cases). Agarikon.1 contains the optimal doses of active ingredients that can make a difference.

One bottle of Agarikon.1 contains 90 tablets. We recommend taking 1×3 tablets for better health, and 2×3 tablets for more serious cases (2 tablets taken 3 times a day).

Standard dosage:1 tablet 3 times a day
Intensive dosage:2 tablets 3 times a day

Agarikon.1 can be taken with other supplements or drugs without risk of serious interactions or side effects.

Our formula provides the optimal amounts of active compounds (lentinan, PSK, maitake D-fraction, etc.). Studies have shown that beta-glucans from healing mushrooms are many times stronger than those from yeast or cereals.

To find the best formula, we, together with scientists from Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Food and Biotechnology Faculty, University of Zagreb, have tested more than 150 combinations.

Agarikon.1 is more effective than even 100-fold amounts of purified, single mushroom products, including Far Eastern official anticancer drugs made from medicinal mushrooms, because it contains a blend of different mushroom extracts that work together in synergy.

Myko San medicinal mushrooms extract blend is much more effective than simple preparations: PSP (China),a registered anticancer drug from mushrooms, AHCC (Japan) and Beta glucan (USA). Durgo et al. International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, vol 15, i3., 2013, p. 435-48.
Myko San medicinal mushrooms extract blend is much more effective than simple preparations: PSP (China), an official anticancer drug from mushrooms, AHCC (Japan) and yeast Beta glucan (USA). Durgo et al. International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, vol 15, i3., 2013, p. 435-48.

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User experiences

Here are a few excerpts from our user experiences:
… started to use therapeutic doses of Agarikon.1 (2 tablets, 3 times a day) and soon felt more energy, better sleep, and appetite, as well as much better toleration of adjuvant therapy… I continued using Agarikon.1 for over a year. I returned to my full-time job, do regular oncological controls, and now live without any sign of cancer.” (J. S. Kolic)

Interestingly, when I had the surgery in early March, they found that what was left of the tumor was only 6 mm in diameter. Seemingly, it had shrunk in size! … he has decided to postpone any further surgery because there was no evidence of regrowth of the tumor… I want to thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful product! It’s a miracle.” (R. K. Denton)

The direct effect was better tolerance to chemotherapy, and I did not even feel the radiotherapy. I felt better and better every day during chemotherapy… Mushroom supplements helped me recover so fast and return to my previous lifestyle.” (M. Lajtner, MD)

I began taking Myko San’s products, which helped me overcome cancer and all the difficulties that came with it. Today, (30 years later) I am healthy…” (A. Dusak)

Read about user experiences with Agarikon.1.

Media about us

Dr. Ivan Jakopović was a speaker and presenter on several TV shows. We present a 10-minute documentary and a guest appearance in the “Day by day” Croatian National Television Programme. Both videos are available on YouTube and feature English subtitles (activate English subtitles by clicking on CC, in the lower-right corner).

About medicinal mushrooms and cancer

Read about the use of medicinal mushrooms against cancer^ (off-site) in the first e-book by Dr. Ivan Jakopovich “Medicinal mushrooms and their application” – Medicinal mushrooms against cancer (Research. Action. Clinical trials. Risk factors and prevention.)

Scientific research

Our extracts are the best researched medicinal mushroom products on the market.

Browse the main research:

We would like to inform you that while all the links provided lead to English translations, certain documents are hosted on the original Croatian website to prevent duplicated content.

Preliminary tests at the Ruđer Bošković Institute

The influence of preparations from medicinal mushrooms on mouse tumors

Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts in colon and breast cancer patients

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Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts in patients with lung cancer

Cytotoxic effects of complex and simple mushroom extracts on human cancer cells (pdf)

Effect of mushroom extracts on the cell cycle and apoptosis of tumor cells in humans (pdf)

Dr. Myko San published the first proteomic study about the combined extracts of medicinal mushrooms in the world (press release)

Nature against cancer (study on antitumor mechanisms of Agarikon.1, press release)