User Experiences

User Experiences

In our country, tens of thousands of patients come to us through word of mouth, and every survivor is our best advertisement. Some feel they must share their stories and inform others about their experiences and the possibilities ahead. Their courage and willingness to share their stories have saved many lives, and we are grateful to them all.

Each of the stories we present is a genuine, live, and unsolicited user experience from someone who has gone through a lot. This way we can bring some of that word-of-mouth directly to you. May these stories inspire and encourage you on your journey to good health!

Although we have helped over 25,000 patients since our establishment in 1990, we have, naturally, only selected a few testimonials here.


If you or someone you know is battling cancer, consider trying Myko San’s Agarikon.1 tablets. Therapeutic doses of Agarikon can relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and support the health and well-being of cancer patients. Don’t wait, take a step towards a better quality of life today and purchase our Agarikon.1 tablets.

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Jadranka Sukurica Kolic (Croatia)
Advanced Colon Cancer

Jadranka Sukurica Kolic, a 43-year-old woman from Croatia, was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in May 2010. She underwent surgery to remove the bowel adenocarcinoma, which was in stage 3c (Dukes C) and penetrating the surrounding fat tissue. The biopsy revealed ten positive lymph nodes out of 37 isolated nodes, all exhibiting pathological changes.

“I was terrified of this horrible diagnosis and extremely worried about the future, especially since I am a mother of 5 children. After a major surgery like that, it was very hard to endure adjuvant chemo and radiotherapy. Luckily, I immediately started to use therapeutic doses of Agarikon.1 (2 tablets, 3 times a day) and soon felt more energy, better sleep, and appetite, as well as much better toleration of adjuvant therapy.

Aware of my health situation and my family responsibilities, I continued using Agarikon.1 for over a year. I returned to my full-time job, do regular oncological controls, and now live without any sign of cancer.”

R.K. Denton, geologist

R. K. Denton Jr., CPG (USA)
Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue – Agarikon.1 tablets

“I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lower surface of the right tongue in December, 2013. The tumor was at least 1.3 cm in diameter, well-differentiated, with a G4 cytological classification. It extended to the bottom of the biopsy, and at least one margin. My surgeon recommended further surgery.

I began taking Agarikon.1 in February, initially at the 3 tablets per day dosage. Then I increased the dosage to 2 tablets, 3 times per day based on what I had read on the website. Interestingly, when I had the surgery in early March (3/10/14), they found that what was left of the tumor was only 6 mm in diameter. Seemingly, it had shrunk in size! I then resumed the 2 tablets 3 times per day therapy for another 2 months in early April. I recovered from the surgery very quickly (they removed almost 1/4 of my tongue), and amazingly, all the symptoms I had when the tumor was there seemed to go away. No more sore throats, earaches, or neuropathy of the scalp on the right side of my head!

I had a check-up with my oral surgeon in May, and he has decided to postpone any further surgery because there was no evidence of regrowth of the tumor. The tissue on the right side of my tongue looked “healthy and normal” with the exception of the scar from the surgery, and even the scar was difficult to see.

I want to thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful product! It’s a miracle.”

Milena Lajtner cured of breast cancer

Dr. M. Lajtner (Croatia), anesthesiologist
Breast cancer, disease-free for 15+ years

Dr. Lajtner successfully overcame breast cancer by incorporating Myko San’s medicinal mushroom supplements Lentifom and Super Polyporin (earlier prototypes of Agarikon.1) into her standard therapy.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2004. It was an invasive ductal, multicentric form of breast cancer, at stage II, which had already spread to the regional lymph nodes (I had 22 positive lymph nodes in the armpit region). A lymph node just above my collarbone was enlarged enough to palpate, which indicates severe spreading of primary breast cancer. In clinical terms, this is a bad sign.

During surgery, the surgeon also noticed an enlarged lymph node along the artery within the breast, which often indicates that the tumor has already begun spreading toward the lungs. Standard tests, including bone scintigraphy, lung x-ray, and abdominal ultrasound, did not detect any further spreading. I underwent the standard treatment, including surgery (a radically modified breast operation with resection of the pectoral muscle), target radiation of the enlarged lymph nodes, and chemotherapy.

While undergoing chemotherapy, I also took forte dosages of medicinal mushroom preparations as recommended by Dr. Jakopovich. The direct effect was better tolerance to chemotherapy, and I did not even feel the radiotherapy. I felt better and better every day during chemotherapy. I took the preparations throughout the entire period I was having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was able to recover quickly and return to my normal physical condition while still undergoing radiotherapy, and I could walk several kilometers a day. Mushroom supplements helped me recover so fast and return to my previous lifestyle.

My excellent results and the effects of the preparations had on me piqued my interest in the scientific research done on medicinal mushrooms. I have since concluded that they are an excellent way to prevent cancer recurrence and the appearance of new cancer metastasis.

As part of the protocol for maintaining a boosted immune system, both qualitatively and quantitatively, I continue to take the preparations at regular intervals. Furthermore, I’m delighted to report that the allergic rhinitis I had been experiencing for 18 years has disappeared. Today, I feel excellent and my test results are perfectly normal.”

Discover the amazing story of Dr. Lajtner’s battle against breast cancer and how she used Myko San medicinal mushroom supplements as part of her treatment. In this 10-minute documentary, Dr. Lajtner shares her personal experience and how she overcame the disease with the help of medicinal mushrooms. The video is in Croatian, but don’t worry – English subtitles are available! Just press the CC icon at the lower right side of the video screen to enable them. Don’t miss out on this inspiring and informative story of hope and healing. Click now to watch the Myko San documentary!

Dusak breast and cervical cancer 25-year disease free survivor

A. Dusak (Croatia)
Breast and cervical cancer, disease-free for 30+ years

A. Dusak is one of the earliest patients taking Myko San anticancer product LENTIFOM, the earliest prototype of Agarikon.1 tablets. She started using our products many years before we developed our most efficient regimes, five improved medicinal mushroom supplements for cancer, culminating with AGARIKON.1 tablets.
“Way back in 1985, I underwent surgery for breast cancer, and five years later for cervical cancer. After the second operation, I began taking Lentifom, which helped me overcome cancer and all the difficulties that came with it. Today, I am healthy, and I only take the ‘mushrooms’ in the spring and fall, to maintain my immune system, and to feel better and stronger.”

Viral Infections

For a natural way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from viral infections, try Myko San’s Mykoprotect.1 tablets. Click below to purchase and start feeling healthier today!

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J. A. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

J. A. (born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1983) contracted HIV during the early 2000s. In 2006, he began using Myko San’s liquid preparation Mykoprotect for a few months, which improved his medical condition.

He contacted us again at the end of 2014 when his test results showed severe disease progression. His CD4+ T lymphocytes dropped to a critically low level of just 100, suggesting a severely weakened immune system – healthy adult values are 300-1,300 per µL (recommended values ~500/µL). His HIV viral load (amount of HIV particles) was approximately 38,000/ µL. 

His infectious disease specialists urged antiretroviral therapy, but J. A. refused and instead started using Myko San’s liquid preparation Super Polyporin. After six months of use, his general condition had significantly improved, his CD4+ T lymphocyte count had risen to 500, and his viral load had decreased to 34,800.

In the summer of 2015, J. A. started a strenuous full-time seasonal job and switched to Myko San’s Mykoprotect.1 tablets for practical reasons. After using two tablets three times a day for three months, his CD4+ T lymphocyte count decreased to 340, but his viral load dropped from 34,800 to 25,000.

Gordana R. (Croatia)
Hepatitis C

Ms. Gordana R., a nurse who suffered from several accidental needlestick injuries, was diagnosed with hepatitis C virus, genotype 1b. After six months of interferon and ribavirin treatment, which produced severe adverse side effects, her test results showed that the treatment was ineffective and then terminated. In search of a solution, she began taking Mykoprotect to cure her hepatitis.
“After six months of treatment, viral load tests showed 2520 international units of hepatitis C RNA per milliliter of blood. I’ve taken Mykoprotect trying to cure hepatitis since I was left with no other options. I have used just six sets of Mykoprotect. Two new hepatitis tests, taken three months apart, came out negative – below detection levels.”
Five years later, another control test for hepatitis came out negative for the presence of the hepatitis virus. Gordana is still completely healthy.
Gordana’s full recovery from hepatitis C is an extraordinary result. While not everyone may experience a complete cure, many users have reported satisfaction with significantly decreased symptoms and viral loads, and improved immunity by using Mykoprotect.1 periodically as needed – even if unable to clear the virus completely.

Michal (Poland)
Hepatitis B – used Mykoprotect.1 for 1 month

“Last summer, my father purchased a bottle of your product during a vacation in Croatia.

I have been diagnosed with hepatitis B infection. After taking Mykoprotect.1, my viral levels dropped from 26000 Ul/mL to 9000 Ul/mL. Later, they decreased to 2100 Ul/mL, and finally to a surprising 93 Ul/mL.

Thank you so much for that!”

Bone health

If you are concerned about your bone and cartilage health, consider Myko San’s OsteoMykon. This natural preparation from medicinal mushrooms improves and protects against bone and joint-related issues. Take a proactive approach to your health and try OsteoMykon today.

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Nada Vrdoljak
Osteopenia, used OsteoMykon for 4 months use

osteopenia patient recovers after using osteomykon tablets by myko san

“In addition to other health problems, in 2014, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I started bisphosphonate therapy but soon discontinued it due to unpleasant side effects. I did not want to take high doses of calcium because I knew that too much calcium for menopausal women provides no benefit and could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Finally, in late 2016, I learned about OsteoMykon, the world’s first natural preparation for protecting bones and cartilage produced from medicinal mushrooms. I have been using it continuously for four months, from December 2016 to the end of March 2017.

When I underwent densitometry in November 2018, the results were surprising. The overall density of my right thighbone, which was the weakest, had significantly improved. The result was even better in the neck of the femur, where the bone often fractures. My physiotherapy specialist was shocked to see healthy lab results instead of the osteopenia progressing or the onset of osteoporosis.

While the bone density of my lumbar spine had gradually decreased from 2009 to 2014 (though never dropping below normal levels), densitometry in November 2018 showed that 4-month use of OsteoMykon had also improved that part of my skeleton. The bone density of my lumbar spine is now the same as it was ten years ago!

I did not expect spectacular results from this mushroom preparation, but now I wholeheartedly recommend OsteoMykon to everyone.”