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Where is Myko San Company located?

Our Sales Office is located at:

Miramarska 109
10000 Zagreb
Croatia, European Union

See Myko San on Google maps.


How can I contact Myko San on the phone?

If you need to contact us over the phone call at +385.1.466.00.95.

Please call our phones during opening hours, Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, CET (GMT+1). Alternatively, use other contact options.


What does Myko San company do?

Since 1990, Myko San has been producing and selling medicinal mushrooms extract supplements. They are

  • the result of our own knowledge, research and development,
  • made according to our proprietary recipes and extraction methods,
  • based on thousands of years of experience of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine,
  • and modern scientific research.


Which medical conditions are medicinal mushroom extracts used for?

Since 1990, Myko San has developed a large range of medicinal mushrooms supplements. Our high quality medicinal mushroom extracts can be used for cancer (in treatment and for prevention), against viral infections, for boosting the immune system, for diabetes and cardiovascular patients (high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure) and for help in neurodegenerative diseases. Currently, only tablet preparations Agarikon.1 (for cancer patients) and Mykoprotect.1 (for viral infections) are available internationally. We are working hard on developing other products as well, and we’ll inform you on this website when they become available.


What are the health benefits of using medicinal mushrooms?

There are many health benefits of using mushrooms for food as well as medicine. Medicinal mushrooms help against cancer, various viral infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels, neurodegenerative diseases, and help strengthen the immune system improving resistance to disease. Mushrooms also improve strength and endurance, sleep, lessen pain, improve sexual function, slow down ageing and improve quality of life.


How much can cancer fighting foods and supplements help?

Cancer fighting foods and supplements play an important part of comprehensive cancer therapy. While cancer fighting foods are most often recommended just for prevention, human clinical trials as well as our experiences and research show that cancer fighting medicinal mushroom extracts used together with standard cancer therapy greatly improve the outcome: they improve survival, metastatic regression, improve quality of life, tolerance to aggressive cancer treatments and limit the amount of damage it causes to immune system of cancer patients.


What results can I expect, and how soon can I expect them?

The results are primarily dependent on the diagnosis, and there are individual differences.

In cancer patients, the first general signs of improvement (improved strength, more energy, better sleep and appetite…) are usually visible after just 2–4 weeks. After 3–4 months of taking the mushroom supplements, improvements in test results are often seen. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the extent of beneficial effects for any particular patient. We can only guarantee that our medicinal mushroom supplements are safe to use.

Myko San results range from slowing down cancer growth, normalization of tumor markers, maintaining a stable condition, reduction of cancer size, regression of metastasis, including complete cancer regression (cancer cure) with disease free status even after more than 10 years. See Myko San cancer testimonials. However, we cannot predict and guarantee the scope of the effect in advance. There is no miracle cure for cancer. We can only try and improve your chances the as much as possible.

Even more variable and individual are the results for viral infections, depending largely on the diagnosis. Generally, the first signs of improvement are similar to those of cancer above. Myko San results with viral disease treatment include improved immune system markers (T cells increase), lower viral load, reduced symptoms (lower viral fever, jaundice regression, improved energy, sleep and appetite, decreased pain), reduced frequency of outbreak, viral infection prevention, and even long term HPV, herpes, hepatitis cure. See Myko San viral infection testimonials. We cannot predict the outcome with sufficient accuracy or guarantee the cure. There are many viral infection patients who cannot eradicate the virus completely but use our supplements every few months to remain symptom free or reduce symptoms or lower the chance of developing complications.


Can your products be used in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy?

Absolutely! Japanese studies, as well as our experience, show that the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are much better if used alongside medicinal mushroom supplements. They often significantly improve tolerance to standard cancer therapy. Research has proven some medicinal mushroom compounds protect the body’s immune system – exactly those cells that chemotherapeutic cytostatics and radiotherapy damage the most.
Simply put, taking appropriate medicinal mushroom supplements with the usual oncological therapy is harmless and recommended, as it improves therapy tolerance, reduces the damage and improves the overall outcome.


How can I order your products?

You can order our products, Agarikon.1 (for cancer patients) or Mykoprotect.1 (for viral infections), from our webshop. It’s fast, easy and safe. If you encounter any problems please contact us by phone at +385-1-466-00-95, Mon–Fri 9am–5pm (CET, GMT+1) or through our contact form.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can use Paypal, credit card payments through the Paypal interface or pay via a bank draft.


How can I pay using PayPal?

To get to our webshop area, follow the menu item ‘Products‘, or through links from other pages (especially product pages).

Choose your product, Agarikon.1 or Mykoprotect.1, and click the yellow button Add to Cart. You may then continue shopping, view your shopping cart or proceed to checkout.

Inside Your Shopping Cart you can update the order info – see the products and their amounts. When you are satisfied with your order, proceed to checkout.

At the Checkout Screen input the billing information. Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*): your full name, address, postal/zip code, city, country and state, and your email address. If the shipping and billing address are not the same check the ‘Ship to another address?’ and fill in the details.

Select your shipment method: we offer regular post (which has no tracking) and tracked DHL service. Next, set your payment options: we offer Paypal and Bank Transfer.

If you choose ‘PayPal‘ as your payment option, accept the terms of service, and click the blue button ‘Proceed to Paypal’. This will redirect you to PayPal. Log In to your PayPal account to pay (if you don’t have an account, you will need to create it). You will automatically receive a receipt of purchase in your email, and we will receive and process your order.

Alternatively, select Bank Transfer, then Place Order. You will receive complete payment information, which you need to enter into your Internet Banking Solution or pay through your Bank (print the Order). Note that 10 USD bank fees are automatically applied to your order, and the order will only be sent when the funds have cleared (which usually takes 3-5 days).

You can also register through the My Account menu item. To register, you will need to provide your email and create a password. Registering allows you to shop faster in future, since your data will be automatically entered for you on subsequent purchases. Registering is completely optional, but highly recommended.


How can I pay using a bank draft?

After you confirm your order and receive your invoice you can pay by sending a bank draft to:

Kennedy Trg 11
10000 Zagreb

on behalf:

Myko San Company
Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN: HR3824850031100215217


Tell me about the various shipping options.

There are a two shipping methods:

courier service (DHL) and postal service. DHL costs more but is faster and includes tracking, so you’ll always know where the shipment is. Regular postal service is slightly slower, but there is no tracking.


What is the price of Myko San mushroom supplements? I’ve found another product and it’s cheaper.

The total cost of the mycotherapy primarily depends on the diagnosis and condition of the patient.

One bottle of Agarikon.1 costs 59.99 USD, contains 90 tablets and lasts for 15 days, used in standard dosage (take 2 tablets 3 times a day).

One bottle of Mykoprotect.1 costs 49.99 USD, contains 90 tablets and lasts for 30 days, in standard dosage use (1 tablet 3 times a day).

To obtain the sufficient concentrations of active medicinal mushroom compounds large quantities of raw materials must be extracted. Together with the cost of equipment and labor, this does not allow for a reduction in price. On the other hand, the price of these products is low considering their effect, especially comparing with many other manufacturers who market products with very low and virtually ineffective concentrations of active mushroom compounds. Some even go as far as to only encapsulate dried, powdered mushrooms. Even though they can be much cheaper, such medicinal mushroom “supplements” have totally insignificant effects and are just a waste of money.


Can I use your products? When should I avoid medicinal mushroom supplements?

Myko San mushroom supplements can be used in almost all cases without any danger. Care must be taken if you are allergic to mushrooms (this is very rare). Also, our products should not be used if you are preparing to undergo organ transplant surgery and shortly thereafter. You may continue taking medicinal mushroom supplements only after you have received official confirmation that the transplant was successful.


How to know if I am allergic to mushrooms?

If you are allergic to mushrooms, but you don’t yet know, you may experience any of the following allergy symptoms starting within 15–30 minutes of taking the product: rash, itching, swelling of soft tissues (lips, tongue, throat), digestive troubles, dizziness. Serious cases may include respiratory difficulties, a drop in blood pressure and even anaphylactic shock. In extreme cases, an epinephrine (adrenaline) injection may be required.

Allergy symptoms arise very quickly after ingestion. An allergy specialist can determine if you are allergic to mushrooms. Serious allergies to mushrooms are virtually unknown and, given the commonness of mushrooms (especially their spores), people are usually already aware that they have this allergy.


Are there any important medicinal mushroom supplements and drug interactions?

The activity of medicinal mushrooms active compounds has been studied in great detail from the 1950s. Chemical compounds found in medicinal mushrooms are very stable and chemically inert. They do not cause harmful interactions with other medications, dietary supplements, food or beverages.


What are some of the common side effects of using medicinal mushroom supplements from Myko San?

There are no common side effects when mushrooms are properly used. Some patients may experience mild and transient nausea, stomach upset or increased urination frequency. Medicinal mushrooms and their supplements do not cause worsening of the liver function, kidney function or blood test results. It is far more likely that any side effects or laboratory test changes experienced are due to other treatment methods. (chemotherapy, radiotherapy; interferon or ribavirin use…) Using medicinal mushroom extracts from Myko San may in fact reduce these symptoms and improve test results.


My doctor says I shouldn’t use mushroom supplements.

Inform them, a responsible doctor should be thankful for the information. While few doctors outside our home country know of effects of Myko San medicinal mushroom supplements, some may have general knowledge of medicinal mushroom extracts and accept the limitations of modern cancer and viral infection treatments. In Croatia, some doctors even instruct their patients to contact us for help.

Many doctors, however, remain inadequately informed about the possibilities of healing mushrooms as a very important part of complementary medicine.

Direct them to this website – they can access a wealth of useful information here. Point them to the review of Myko San research, patient experiencesresearch of health benefits of medicinal mushroom, etc. Over the past 60+ years, thousands of scientific papers have proven the millennial experiences of traditional medicine (particularly Far Eastern), which tested millions of patients through history. Today, medicinal mushroom supplements are used as the first line of defense against cancer in the leading clinics in Japan, China, Korea…

Doctors play a very important role in our society, so if you help them reach this information, there is a chance you will indirectly help others, perhaps even save their lives. More doctors should know that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of all proven experiences and methods from various civilizations for the preservation of human health, in addition to official Western medicine. As the famed Dr. Atkins once said, “If doctors believe in medicine based on facts, they are bound to implement in their practices that which science established is beneficial for health”.


After taking the mushroom supplement, I got diarrhea. What should I do?

We recommend you to halve the quantity taken until the problem is resolved, then continue taking it normally. There are no compounds in the product that act as a laxative, and infants (using crushed mixed with food) and the elderly have successfully taken them without any problems. In fact, inulin used in the tablet is a prebiotic, which actually reduces your chances of intestinal problems.


After taking your products, I vomited. What should I do?

Vomiting and nausea is most often caused by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, and may even be caused by the tumor itself (esp. brain, esophagus, throat). You can try taking a small amount of dried ginger about 5 minutes prior to taking the product, as ginger strongly reduces the feeling of nausea. There is no use in vomiting the tablets, so if the problem persists, try taking the supplement later. There are no compounds in the products that cause nausea, and infants and the elderly have successfully taken them, without any problems.


How can I keep my tablets from spoiling?

Myko San medicinal mushroom extract supplements are usable 3 years from the date of manufacture. Date of manufacture, expiry date and LOT number is printed on the cap. You should not take the tablets if they are expired, as we cannot guarantee potency or safety in this case.

To keep the mushroom supplements as fresh as possible, keep them in a dark, dry place at room temperature. The self-sealing cap and silica gel inside the bottle help keep the tablets dry and fresh longer.


Where do you get your raw materials from?

We obtain our raw materials from organic farms in China. Before clearing customs they are tested to ensure they meet the very strict European Union food purity standards. The mushrooms collected in the wild, where no method of cultivation or organized cultivation in necessary quantities is available, come from the purest regions of Croatia, such as Gorski Kotar or Lika. These are collected by specially trained experts, in strict agreement with our company.


Do you have a question we have not answered here? Ask us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.