Medicinal Mushroom Safety Information

Are Medicinal Mushrooms Safe?

Almost everyone can use medicinal mushrooms and their extracts safely. Traditionally used for thousands of years and passing many scientific studies (including toxicological studies and more than 400 clinical trials) has proven that they are very safe, even in very large dosages.

Major mushroom allergy is an exception. Fortunately, mushroom allergies are very rare and those that suffer them usually know it (since mushroom spores fly everywhere). Moreover, if you are allergic to some mushroom species, you may or may not be allergic to others; there is a general and species-specific allergy.

It is safe to use medicinal mushroom supplements if you suffer from other allergies. Using them may even help you reduce your symptoms because they can subtly modify your immune system. If you are taking a mushroom extract supplement, make sure that other ingredients are hypoallergenic, like in Myko San products.

allergy symptoms
Allergic reaction to mushrooms is possible, but is very rare. It can be general or specific to a certain mushroom species. Use our products with care if you are only allergic to certain mushroom species. If you have other allergies, our products may actually help you reduce your symptoms by modulating your immune system.

The other exception is awaiting organ transplantation, since this procedure requires suppressed immunity. You may resume using medicinal mushrooms only after you receive the official confirmation that the transplantation was successful. Once this is declared, there is no increased risk of organ rejection.

Do not use immune system boosting medicinal mushroom supplements before transplantation. Only resume use after you get the official confirmation that the transplant has succeeded.
Do not use immune system boosting medicinal mushroom supplements before transplantation. Only resume use after you get the official confirmation that the transplant has succeeded.

Myko San Guarantees Safety with Research and 25 Years of Practice

Myko San’s medicinal mushroom extracts Agarikon.1 and Mykoprotect.1 are registered dietary supplements. They are very safe, easily tolerated, and cause no drug interactions or side effects. Our products have undergone rigorous research (6 published papers and 3 human studies) and are used in clinical practice for 25 years – we are the first company in Europe specializing in high-quality medicinal mushroom extracts.

However, Myko San products should not be used by patients awaiting organ transplantation and only used with care by those allergic to listed mushrooms (shiitake and reishi; maitake, oyster mushroom and Agaricus blazei Murill).

Your safety and product quality are further assured by the following standards:

  • controlled origin of organic ingredients
  • purity inspection (under the strict European Union Food Safety Legislation)
  • Lab Quality Control
  • ISO9001:2000 and
  • HACCP.

The tablets are packed in pharmaceutical grade, tamper-proof, self-sealing container which delays spoiling and ensures freshness.

Myko San products HACCP and ISO9001:2000 manufacturing standards
Agarikon.1 and Mykoprotect.1 are produced under laboratory tested quality, HACCP and ISO9001:2008 standards.

Through experience and research we know that Myko San medicinal mushroom products:

  • may be used by most people
  • will never cause worsening of the disease
  • cause no drug interactions
  • cause none or very mild side effects and
  • even the most sensitive individuals can tolerate them.

Using Myko San extracts almost never causes any side effects, unlike some other therapies, esp. chemotherapy and radiation. If side effects do occur, they are very mild and usually transitory: slight nausea, upset stomach, increased frequency of urination. Our medicinal mushroom extracts can be safely used by even the most sensitive patients, including babies and small children (break the tablets and mix with juice, tea or honey), pregnant and breastfeeding women, chronic patients and seniors.

Our extracts cause no drug interactions, since the active compounds are chemically very inert. You may freely use them with other drugs and supplements you are currently taking, without the need for any adjustments.

Medicinal mushroom supplements will never cause your health to worsen. However, it is very important not to change the intake (esp. dosage) of other drugs you may be taking without first consulting your doctor.

Please inform us in case of any unexpected side effects.