Mykoprotect.1 Antiviral Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Boost Your Immune System with Mykoprotect.1: A Medicinal Mushroom Extract for Fighting Viral Infections

A bottle of Mykoprotect.1, medicinal mushrooms extract against viruses (90 tablets cost 45 US Dollars)
Mykoprotect.1, medicinal mushrooms extract for viral infections
(90 tablets – $49.99)

Mykoprotect.1 is a medicinal mushroom supplement formulated to boost the immune system, especially for patients with serious viral infections (such as different types of hepatitis, HPV, herpes, HIV/AIDS, coronavirus, and the flu).

Made with a blend of the highest quality extracts from Ganoderma lucidum (reishi), Trametes versicolor (turkey tail), and Lentinus edodes (shiitake), Mykoprotect.1 delivers optimal potency and effectiveness, containing significantly higher concentrations of active ingredients than other mushroom-based products. The addition of immunity-boosting vitamin C enhances the absorption of the mushroom extracts in Mykoprotect.1.

Scientific research has demonstrated that specific compounds found in medicinal mushrooms have a positive impact on the immune system. These compounds can:

  • Activate various immune mechanisms such as cellular and humoral responses.
  • Inhibit viruses from adhering to living cells and entering them.
  • Block the virus’s genetic code from entering cells and inhibit viral multiplication in infected cells.

Superior Immune-Boosting Benefits of Mykoprotect.1

As a result, high-quality mushroom extracts can reduce the risk of viral infections, help the host organism fight off infections more effectively, and speed up recovery.

Unlike other products that may seem similar, Mykoprotect.1 is a 100% medicinal mushroom extract with significantly higher concentrations of scientifically proven active ingredients.

The main active ingredients in Mykoprotect.1 are beta-glucans from medicinal mushrooms, which research has proven to be more effective at boosting the immune system than beta-glucans from yeast or oats. Mykoprotect.1 is more effective than 100-fold doses of other popular products. It is a best-buy product costing only 3 USD/day (for very serious cases).

It’s safe to take Mykoprotect.1 with other drugs or supplements, and there are no known interactions or serious side effects.

Each bottle contains 90 tablets and costs $49.99. For improved immunity, take one tablet three times a day. For more severe cases, take two tablets three times a day.

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