How We Developed Mykoprotect.1

How We Developed Mykoprotect.1

Mykoprotect.1, Medicinal Mushrooms Antiviral Supplement

Mykoprotect.1 is a scientifically formulated antiviral medicinal mushrooms extract. By testing more than 150 medicinal mushroom species and their combinations, we have developed the best medicinal mushrooms supplement against viruses. We are not guessing the best formulation, or blindly following the rules of traditional medicine.

As research shows, Mykoprotect.1 is much more effective than using single mushrooms or purified compounds, because the extract contains numerous compounds working together in synergy. The blend boosts the immune system (in many different ways), while at the same time directly attacking viruses and their vital processes.

That means you can expect faster and stronger results (reduction of viral load and symptoms, optimized immune system response, etc.). You will soon know that you are not wasting time and money on an inferior product.

From our 25-year experience, we know that using Mykoprotect.1 from Myko San can help:

  • prevent flu, the common cold and other viral diseases
  • reduce symptoms of viral infections,
  • slow and stop viral disease progression,
  • reduce complications of viral diseases, and
  • eradicate the viruses completely (effectively act as an HIV, HPV, hepatitis, herpes cure).

This medicinal mushrooms antiviral supplement was successfully used against the common cold, the flu, mononucleosis, hepatitis (A, B, C…), HPV, herpes, HIV and AIDS (developed HIV infection), and other viral infections.

Ms. Gordana R. working as a nurse suffered several accidental needlestick injuries and was diagnosed with hepatitis C virus, genotype 1b. After 6 months of interferon and ribavirin treatment, with serious side effects, tests showed the treatment was not effective and was terminated. She then started using Mykoprotect.

“After 6 months of treatment, viral load tests showed 2520 international units of hepatitis C RNA per milliliter of blood. I’ve taken Mykoprotect to help cure hepatitis, since I was left with no other options. I have used just 6 sets of Mykoprotect. Two subsequent hepatitis tests, 3 months apart, came out negative – below detection levels.”

Five years later, another control test for hepatitis was negative and the virus could not be found. She is still completely healthy. Hepatitis C was completely eradicated.

Certainly, a full hepatitis C cure is an extraordinary result. Many of our users are happy with reduced symptoms (with or without improved viral load) and stronger immune system. Some use Mykoprotect.1 periodically as required – even if unable to eradicate the virus completely, they keep it from spreading and developing.

In our experience, most people report feeling better in just two weeks – with serious improvements after a few months of regular use. Improvements in the test results (PCR RNA – test for virus concentration in the blood) usually require 2-4 months of regular use. However, medicinal mushroom research recommends using for at least 6 months, after which the initial dosage might be lowered.

Continuous, long term use of Mykoprotect.1 is completely safe and virtually guarantees excellent immunity and other major health benefits of using medicinal mushrooms.