Shipping Costs Additional (for 4+ Bottles in Single Order)


  • EUR: €15.00 - €50.00

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Pay Shipping Costs for Orders Larger than 3 Items

Thank you for ordering our products.

If you have ordered 3 or less products, you do not need to use this page. European Union residents do not need to use this page.

Shipping more than suggested 3 bottles maximum (see our Terms and Conditions) may incur additional costs to you due to customs in your country.

You may decide to ship more than 3 items in one shipment, but in that case you accept the risk and, if so required, accept to pay possible customs costs.

This page allows you to pay for additional shipment, which will instruct us to send your order in 2 or more shipments. If you order 4-6 products, purchase one item. If ordering 7-9, order two, etc.

Additionally, select the type of shipment you want – regular post (10 USD) or DHL (38 USD). You may also combine different shipment types in your order. For example, you may choose DHL for your first shipment, and regular post for the second one.

If you have any problems or need instructions, please contact us.